Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Minimal Capital Home Based Business Opportunity

To start a business does not always require huge capital, but on condition that we know how. If you already have the desire and the belief then immediately act (action) to make it happen. With creativity and persistence, we can turn a hobby, skill or talent into a home-based business can bring pretty good money. Large capital is not the main factor, but the persistence and seriousness that the initial capital to start a home business. So that the business can continue to thrive.
The initial step starting a home business is not much different from the business in general. The first thing that needs to be determined is the type of business, because it is a crucial stage. Here are the latest 10 home-based business opportunity with small capital:

1. Being a product reseller. Becoming a reseller or agent is an alternative for those who want to open a profitable home-based business, but also with a small capital. Or can not produce their own products. This activity is usually done housewives and do around the house. In addition, if you run a home business, you can do so in accordance spare time you have, without pressure or targets that will work overload. Products that can be home-based business opportunity is among businesses selling clothes, scarf, cosmetics, women's accessories, whether branded or not branded. Benefits obtained were varied, depending on the type of product sold. For example, to become a reseller shirts Muslims SIK Clothing: Beginning initial product purchase (min.20 pieces) @ Rp 80.000,. x 20 = Rp 1,600,000,. Profit / discounts for resellers 25%. 25% x Rp 1.600.000 = Rp 400,000.

2. Cakes business. Choose the type of cake the most demanding and the most suitable to be consumed daily. Examples brownies, cakes, pies, layer cakes, spring rolls etc.. Take advantage of special days like birthdays or moment to receive orders pastries and cakes. If your home is located at the scene, begin to open the display in the garage or on the porch. Considered the most profitable food business, ranging from 50% to 100%. The velocity of money in this business more quickly, because the food is almost always paid in cash. So after all the expenses are calculated, add at least 50% as profits in calculating the selling price.

3. Fried businesses. Snacks this one much favored in almost all walks of life. Variety of diverse kinds of fried foods that have been popular in the community such as fried, tofu, bakwan, fried cassava, fried banana, fried tape, etc.. And type of the most phenomenal fried fried chicken Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC, which was pioneered by Colonel Harland Sanders. Given the success of KFC, it can be concluded that business prospect fried was able to guarantee the future, if it is able to develop a more innovative recipe and unique from existing types of fried foods. For business start-up capital is fried from Rp 500,000 to Rp 1,000,000.

4. Donuts. Which has a specific cake with a hole in the middle, is well known and well liked from children to adults. Ranging from donuts to be sold in traditional markets such famous branded donuts or donuts JCO Dunking Donuts are always invaded the audience. Besides it soft, donuts menu also has a color variant topping interesting. Ranging from powdered sugar topping, chocolate or caramel meses, brown beans, cheese or cake delicacy that adds to this one. Price donut quite varied ranging from Rp 1000,. to $ 30,000,. For marketing is not too difficult, because these foods have a wide market. You can open outlets in front of the house or entrusted to the food stalls, shops and snack cakes, even in the stock market.

5. Creative endeavor frames. There's always something interesting from waste paper. If you are a creative, then it is very easy to get creative with the dollars of waste paper. For example, by making cardboard frame with a wide assortment of hues and sizes. With the main ingredient paperboard, various frames of size 2R to 10R you can afford. The cardboard frame prices range from Rp 2,000 to Rp 20,000,. For marketing you can open his own gallery at home, hire a strategic place, left in bookstores, gift shops / knacks, or in ordering invitations. Do not forget to include your name and contact number of your brand in every frame or packaging.

6. Food stalls. By having your cooking skills could open a home business, which business diner. Use family favorite recipes or recipes that you have mastered the making. Do not be tempted to make a lot of recipes, start with 3-4 types first. Add kind if sales begin to stabilize. With less than 1 million, this business has been able to start.

7. Container box. Container or a container commonly used for gifts, cakes, jewelery, wedding delivery, delivery of Eid and so on, it is still high in demand. This product is the harvest time when the approaching feast and wedding seasons are commonly used as a place of delivery or souvenir places. Do not forget to include the brand and phone numbers or addresses that can be reached on any product you box. Creative, innovative and has a characteristic, attach to your box products, so that people easily recognize. Equipment and materials needed include construction paper, glue, scissors, cutter, decorative paper, and ribbon. Marketing you can Leave to souvenir shops, gifts, galleries, often following the exhibition, or to open his own shop at home.

8. Typing services. Your consumers in the home-based business is a typing service that does not have much time for yourself typing the manuscript or her duties, then you can take the opportunity to make a promising venture. You need to prepare in business is a computer, printer, scanner and also relatively much free time. Initial capital needed around Rp 8-Rp 9juta, but if you already have a computer and printer before, then can press equipment expenses.

9. Craft of knitting. To open up the knitting business, does not require a large capital. All it takes is skill in knitting and capable of producing a variety of products. Products are often manufactured easiest place among mobile phones, bags, tablecloths, bandanas, hats and caps. Because the production process is complex and requires a substantial time, would not be surprised if the sales price valued knitted products according the level of difficulty, complexity and duration of workmanship. However, for some products that are easy to workmanship rewarded with low prices as well, such as to place mobile knitting products priced at Rp 5,000,. - Rp 15.000,.

10. Business electrical pulses. Rechargeable electrical pulses can be found anywhere because this business is very easy and simple to do. You want to run a business that does not require a lot of power, only to capitalize mobile phone and cash of at least Rp 100,000. You can already start. You can start the prime consumers of the family, friends, or neighbors.

Hopefully the article 10 Minimal Capital Home Based Business Opportunity beneficial to you.


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